BeerBurger is our generation’s version of the 50’s drive-up. By paying attention to our past, and merging today’s technology, BeerBurger aims to bring back the social aspect of dining with family and friends.

Our unique space merges modern and industrial design, providing a garage-themed atmosphere that highlights key pieces of art from both the past and the present. Our signature show piece – a massive glass cooler – can hold a whopping 288 kegs of beer! Lest we forget to mention, you can also go the “self-service” route by pouring your own beer at one of our 36 self-tap systems located throughout BeerBurger!

Kids, don’t you worry! We have plenty of “beer” on tap for you, too: ROOT BEER! You can join in on the fun with your very own “Rookie” card, and enjoy Orange Crush, Sprite, Root Beer, and (shhhh, don’t tell your parents!) Mountain Dew! Oh, did we also mention that we have ice cream?! Add a scoop to your soda, or try one of our Specialty Drinks to really make it a treat!

We are looking forward to your visit to BeerBurger, and making your experience beyond what you could get at an everyday restaurant. We are proud to welcome you, and honored to break bread together – the right way. Enjoy your time, and let’s see how many BeerBurger logos you find on your visit!


How can we order ahead of time and To-Go?

Call 844-763-2822 — Please visit our online ordering HERE!

We have allergies and dietary restrictions. How do I find out what I can eat?

— While we know sometimes our bodies don’t agree with what we want to put in them, we want everyone to have a chance to enjoy our great food and drinks! If you have a specific question about a menu item or have certain special allergies or dietary restrictions, please let us know via E-Mail – info@beerburger.com using the subject line “Diet and Allergies” followed with your question.

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